Dependable Care for Estate Properties

“We take pride in our work, so you can take pride in your property with complete peace-of-mind”

Large properties are meant to be enjoyed. Depend on J & S Landscaping to maintain your grounds and gardens, and you’ll get the chance to worry less and enjoy your property more.

You’ll appreciate the clean, professional look of our uniformed crews and well-maintained equipment as we complete the full range of grounds maintenance tasks quickly and efficiently.

Reliable Care: Our careful planning and trained staff ensure that your lawns and gardens always have a fresh, trimmed look.

Continuous Clean-Up: The first step of every visit by J & S is to fully inspect your property for litter, or any other debris.

Safety & Security: Our attentive crews give your property a visible presence and an extra set of watchful eyes to alert you to any potential hazards on your grounds.

Year-round: J & S Landscaping is the service for all seasons, always ready to give your property the care it needs throughout Ontario’s changing conditions.

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J & S will be pleased to visit your site and develop a personalized plan at your convenience.

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