Snow & Ice Management Services

J & S Landscaping provides a complete range of services to keep laneways, walkways, parking lots and loading docks accessible and safe all winter long.

Why should you trust your property to J & S?

  • snow-fleet

      The J & S fleet is planned to ensure the highest possible dependability and availability when winter storms strike.We operate only newer, well-maintained tractors. In the event of a vehicle failure, our back-up planning ensures that a replacement will be onsite without any delay due to service or repairs. Our salters are fitted with back-up cameras, so operators can maneuver safely, quickly and efficiently eliminating the possibility of property damage.

      We specify a common standard for plows, allowing us to exchange any snow removal equipment between any of our vehicles.

      Our tools and equipment are all fully insured against damage or loss.

  • snow-crews

      J & S crews are all fully trained on their equipment and oriented to your service plan before they go to work on your property.The safety of our customers’ personnel and property are key elements in our employee training programs. We work diligently to minimize any risk of downtime, loss or liability for our customers.All staff wear uniforms on the job, presenting a clean professional look to your customers and visitors as your service is completed.

      Because we are a local business, you will get to know the owners of J & S through their hands-on services and onsite supervision of our crews.


  • snow-process

      Every J & S service contract begins with a personal onsite inspection and walkaround. Our senior staff will assess the needs of the property, recommend the scope and service requirements, then establish standards and priorities with you.

      Our initial assessment includes a detailed plan for efficient snow removal and disposal, including means to minimize drifting under varied wind conditions. By planning the most efficient circuits for plow operators, we save time and achieve consistent results on every visit.

      Our weather monitoring allows J & S to match the level of service to current conditions, from light salting to heavy snow removal. Prior to expected weather events, we provide a detailed snow report including the expected snow fall and our planned service actions.

  • snow-pricing

      While every snow management agreement with J & S is different, all are based on a fair price for quality service.

      We are very flexible in designing terms to suit customer preferences. We find that most clients prefer long-term contracts that balance “cost certainty” with contingencies to optimize costs with seasonal fluctuations in service needs.

      In the long run, our pricing reflects our commitment to long-term continuity in customer relationships through sustainable business practices.


  • You lived up to your word, and my expectations were exceeded each time I entered our terminal after a snowfall. Thank you for your professional approach and for doing exactly what you said you would do.

    A. Chamberlain – Access Distribution

  • This company did a great job on a spring cleanup. Highly recommended.

    M. Hall

  • This company is fantastic! It’s a pleasure to have my property maintained on a weekly basis and I’ve been thrilled with the landscape work they do as well. Thanks!

    M. Cohen

  • I had a patio and flower beds installed and they did a beautiful job. They started and finished the job in the time line they had promised. I would recommend them to everyone. I would like to thank them again for doing such a wonderful job.

    N. Riese

  • J & S Landscaping has done an excellent job working with Armatec. They have been very attentive to not only their work, but also have been very vocal in notifying Armatec regarding any issues.

    P. Tupholme – Armatec Survivability

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